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Theron, Charlize: A Name with Fame


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Many famous personalities were born in small places but enjoying great heights in their personal and professional life today. Charlize Theron is one of the most popular personalities, born on August 7, 1975 in Benoni, South Africa. Theron is an Oscar winning African actress, previous Fashion model, film producer and a famous director. Her childhood grew up in Benoni and being a single child she belongs to a very rich family. She showed signs of her stardom when she was just 6 years old and began with ballet.  Proficiency in dance and 28 languages take her to Johannesburg where she goes professional and starts modeling at the age of 16 in Milan, Italy. This was just a starting of her career where she won many awards in fashion world and becomes heart of many people.

In the late 1990’s she rose up with her fabulous role in “Mighty Joe Young”, “2 Days in the valley”, “The Cider House Rules” and “The Devil’s Advocate”. Charlize Theron received an Academy Award for film “Monster” for playing a role of “Aileen Wuornos, a serial killer”. With this award, she became first actress from Africa belonging to a major category of acting. She was again nominated for Academy Award for portraying her role in “North Country”.

Theron Charlize’s Early Life
She was born in a small place of South Africa called Benoni, Transvaal Province and was the only child of Charles Jacobus Theron and Gerda Jacoba Aletta. Her father belongs to Dutch and French ancestry whereas her mother belongs to German Descent. She is proficient in 28 languages but still according to Theron Charlize her first language or can say mother tongue is Afrikaans. She belongs to a very rich family and spends her childhood in Benoni with her parents, near Johannesburg. Her schooling was from Putfontein Primary School and she was sent to Boarding school when she was just 13 years old. In the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg, she continues with her studies.
When Theron Charlize was 18, her mother inspired her to go to Los Angeles and make career in fashion and movies industry. At her first arrival to Los Angles, she does not know even a single person here but after two-week stay, she received her card standing in the Hollywood Boulevard’s line. Eight months from receiving the card, she got her first break and start taking acting lessons. Until form the time her career has reached to skyscraping heights.

Sky-scraping Career
When Theron Charlize was just sweet 16, she travelled to Italy based on modeling contract that is for complete one year. Pauline’s Model Management makes her go to New York and she decided to continue with her contract after completion also and continue with training as a ballet dancer in Joffrey Ballet School. At the age of 19, she experienced a worst era when she was unable to dance due to severe knee injury but she did not give up.
When she was not able to dance her mother bought a one-way ticket to Los Angles and this is the time she started to struggle for a fabulous career. Her first break was a result of a meeting with talent agent who make her go to some acting schools and meet some personalities. Her role in “2 Days in the Valley” was a breakout in which she played a role of supporting actor. During the period of 1990s, she began to chase many opportunities and her career starts achieving great heights. In January 1999, she was on the front cover of Vanity Fair’s issue as the White Hot Venus.
In 2003, Theron Charlize appears as a super star with her role in “Monster” as the Serial Killer Aileen Wuornos. According to film critics, this is one of the “most appreciated performances” in the acting history. She won an Academy Award for her best performance in the category of best actress followed by Golden Globe Award and SAG Award. Winning An Oscar was her greatest achievement of life that pushed her to the category of highest paid celebrities. According to The Hollywood’s Reporter, she was ranked on seventh position to earn pocket full of money after some other famous celebrities.

For her great performance in the drama called “North Country”, she was nominated for Golden Globe Award and Academy Award. At the same time Ms. Magazine, featuring an article on her successful life along with a mini biography honored her. In 2008, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon offered her to be a UN Messenger of Peace after her starring with popular Will Smith in beautiful Hancock. Theron Charlize worked with many stars and in many movies such as “The Danish Girl”, “Mad Max” and “The Life and Death of Peter Sellers” etc. Year 2009 was a great year for Theron Charlize as she co-presented the representation of 2010 FIFA World Cup held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Theron Charlize’s great Activism
Theron Charlize is involved continuously with many organizations working for Women’s Rights and for Abortion rights. She is an active member of Great PETA and a devotee of Animal Rights. Nowadays she is also representing Link TV and supporting Democracy. She attended a march in 2009 as a follower of Same Sex Marriage held in Fresno, California. In the same year, she announced an appreciable project for soccer fields in the rural areas of South Africa called Charlize Theron’s Africa Outreach Project or CTAOP. In order to accomplish her project she makes her associated with LAFC, most successful and popular Soccer Club for Youth. She devoted three years to build special Soccer Programs for UMkhanyakude District’s Schools. She provided a great help to these schools in the form of uniforms, balls, cleats, local coaches, administrators and other equipments.

Theron Charlize, being a renowned celebrity like Justin Timberlake. She is really fantastic and honest in her professional as well as personal life and always portrayed an Award Winning Performance. She can be a role model of many people because her each phase of life represents her story of success.


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