Justin Timberlake: living legend of the youth

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Justin Timberlake, one of the most famous pop stars in the American history. He was born on 31st January, 1981 to Randy Timberlake and Lynn Harless in the city of Memphis located in Tennessee. At the age of eleven years he performed on the famous show which was known as the star search in 1983. His parents always wanted him to follow his dreams and gave him the full acquiescence to do whatever he wants to. In the year 1989 his performance was really appreciated in which he performed with Britney Spears, Keri Russell, Ryan Gosling and Christina Aguilera.
At fourteen years of age he made his own band which was known as the NSYNC and became the most loved pop star. Many of the girls and boys went crazy for him. He was known to the world for his brilliant singing and performance. This album was very much welcomed by the youth and the fans who loved this boy in the past years. He achieved a very early fame and he even performed on the Disney channel television named as the new Mickey Mouse club.  He has made some early explosions in the pop singing. He gave a new meaning to pop singing, in the year 2002 his debut album was released which was named as “justified” which was a huge hit all over the world and more than seven million copies were being sold. His voice and singing was treasured by many people across the world and even critics were not able to resist him. He won many awards and prizes for his wonderful singing and music.
The music career of this young pop star was started with his costar JC Chasez and they were the lead singers of the boy band NSYNC. His music career was one of its kinds and he gained tremendous popularity at a very young age. In 2000, his much awaited album was released which was known as the “no strings attached” and it became the fastest selling album in the world and the rest is history. His albums broke all the records of the previous big pop stars. After the release of his album, he thanked all his fans across the world for loving him so much and having faith in his work.


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Acting skills:
In the year 2007 he collaborated with Madonna and released an album named “4 minutes”, he even acted and appeared in the song with Madonna. Fans all over the world gave a very warm and good response to this young and old collaboration. He even acted in a movie named “love guru” and “the open road” which were again appreciated by his fans.

Timberlake had fought for many of the charitable causes such as the N Sync’s challenge for children. He started his own charity in 2001 with the name of Justin Timberlake foundation which provided schooling to the kids who cannot afford to go and study. He is one of the celebrities which are known for their philanthropic nature and providing education and money to the young people. He has one many things and also provided with money and food to the kids who are deprived of all those things, he has always encouraged people to come forward and support a Nobel cause of charity, he is also associated with the “association of the  wildlife warriors” who help in preservation the wild life of the world. He has hosted many of the concerts and charily all over the world. He says that his family background was not very sound when he was growing up and has seen bad financial days. When his parents split, he felt bad but then he grew up to be mature enough to handle things nicely.

His business:
Timberlake has opened many restaurants in California and New York. He has even named tequila on the state code of his hometown which is 901 and is a famous name in the tequila brand all over the world. He has even launched his clothing line with the name of the William Rast which was his grandfathers’ first name and his best friends Tracy initial names. This clothing line became really popular with all the genres of the people; it included the cord jackets, polo shirts, jeans and sweaters. He was a brand ambassador of Mtv and even produced many of the shows on the television. He has performed all over the world with his different tour names.


His personal and perfect life:
He was very close friends with Britney Spears who also acted with him on a TV show new Mickey Mouse club and they were really good friends with each other. In 1999 they (Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears) started to date each other and were in love, but this relationship lasted till 2002 due to some misunderstanding which grew between them. It is unclear if Britney Spears' mental breakdown had anything to do with her dating life. After the relationship ended with Britney Spears, he launched his new album and inspired a song from “cry me a river”. In 2007, He met the woman of his life Jessica Biel and since then they are going around with each other. He has lent his voice in many of the, movies such as the Shrek and many more. He won many awards and honors for his contribution. Timberlake was also awarded as the sexiest man alive by the teen magazine. He was the first teen who bought a pop revolution in pop music, he was the main singer of the sought after band which became a history. The whole world is proud of his achievements and even the legend Michal Jackson commented that he has never seen such dedicated and hardworking self made man. He said in an interview that this young generation hero is an inspiration to all those who want to make big in life without thinking about the circumstances which occurs in one’s life. Whenever the name of the pop revolutions would come Justin Timberlake will top the list with most kind people living on earth and the worlds blessings are with this pop star. The whole is eagerly waiting for his new release and is hoping that this album breaks all the left over records.



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