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  • Abbott, Norman
  • Abdul, Paula
  • Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem
  • Abramovich, Roman
  • Abrams, Dan
  • Abrams, J.J.: 1582 Sorrento Dr. Pacific Palisades, California 90272     Aerial
                    Emmy and Golden Globe-winning producer, screenwriter, director, actor, and composer
                    purchased on February 24, 2004 for $5,200,052; 4 bed, 3 bath, 3,905 sq ft   Another property in the Pacific Palisades is included in the Members section.
  • Abreu, Bobby
  • Acker, Amy
  • Ackerman, Leslie
  • Ackles, Jensen
  • Acord, Lance
  • Acuff, Roy
  • Acuna, Jason (Wee-Man)
  • Adair, Deborah
  • Adams, Amy
  • Adams, Julie
  • Adams, Maud
  • Adams, Ryan
  • Adele (English singer-songwriter)
  • Adelman, Jason
  • Adelstein, Paul
  • Adkins, Jim (Jimmy Eat World)
  • Adkins, Trace
  • Adler, Cisco
  • Adler, Gilbert
  • Adler, Jonathan
  • Adler, Lou
  • Affleck, Ben
  • Affleck, Casey
  • Agassi, Andre
  • Agron, Dianna
  • Aguilera, Christina - Christina Aguilera is one of the hottest celebrities around these days. Her music career skyrocketed a many years back and her house is as gorgeous as she is.
    Christina Aguilera house photograph picture image aerial view beverly hills
  • Aiello, Danny
  • Aiello, Rick
  • Aiken, Clay
  • Aikman, Troy
  • Akerman, Malin
  • Akins, Rhett
  • Akon
  • Alaimo, Marc
  • Alazraqui, Carlos
  • Alba, Jessica - Jessica Alba is an American television and film actress. She began her television and movie appearances as a teenager at the young age of 13 in the movies Camp Nowhere and The Secret World of Alex Mack. Jessica Alba made a name for herself as the lead actress in the television series Dark Angel in the early 2000's. Jessica Alba later appeared in various miscellaneous films including like Sin City, Fantastic Four, and Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Below is a photograph of her celebrity home, which you can find the address for in the member section.
    jessica alba home residence celebrity real estate cash warren
  • Alda, Alan
  • Aldean, Jason
  • Alden, Ginger
  • Aldridge, Lily
  • Aldrin, Buzz
  • Aleksander, Grant
  • Alexander, Andrew
  • Alexander, Jason
  • Alexander, Khandi
  • Alexander, Millette
  • Alexander, Newell
  • Alexander, Sasha: 2241 Chelan Dr. Los Angeles, California 90068     Aerial
                  Caitlin 'Kate' Todd on "Navy NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service"; 4 bed, 3 bath, 2,341 sq ft
  • Alex da Kid (Alexander Grant)
  • Alfonso, Kristian
  • Alford, David
  • Ali, Laila
  • Ali, Muhammad - The notorious "KING" of the "RING". Muhammad Ali is the greatest boxer of all time.
  • Alicia, Ana
  • Allan, Gary
  • Allen, Byron
  • Allen, Chad
  • Allen, Corey
  • Allen, Debbie (with Norman Nixon)
  • Allen, Duane (The Oak Ridge Boys)
  • Allen, Ginger Lynn
  • Allen, Joan
  • Allen, Nancy
  • Allen, Paul
  • Allen, Ray
  • Allen, Rick
  • Allen, Sheila
  • Allen, Steve (with Jayne Meadows)
  • Allen, Tim
  • Allen, Woody
  • Alley, Kirstie
  • Allman, Gregg
  • Allred, Gloria
  • Alonso, Maria Conchita
  • Alpert, Herb
  • Alphin, "Big" Kenny
  • Altman, Josh
  • Amandes, Tom
  • Amato, Bruno
  • Amavia, Daniela
  • Ambrosio, Alessandra
  • Amedori, John Patrick
  • Ament, Jeff
  • American Express CEO Contact Information
  • Ammon, Gregory and Alexa
  • Amos, Tori
  • Amritraj, Ashok
  • Anastacia
  • Anastasio, Trey (Phish)
  • Anders, Andrea
  • Anderson, Anthony
  • Anderson, "Whispering" Bill
  • Anderson, Blake
  • Anderson, Daryl
  • Anderson, Gillian
  • Anderson, Harry
  • Anderson, John
  • Anderson, Kevin
  • Anderson, Loni
  • Anderson, Louie
  • Anderson, Lynn
  • Anderson, Melissa Sue
  • Anderson, Pamela
  • Anderson, Paul Thomas
  • Anderson, Richard: 10120 Cielo Dr. Beverly Hills, California 90210     Aerial
                    4 bed, 3 bath, 2,047 sq ft
  • Anderson, Richard Dean
  • Anderson, Sam
  • Andre 3000
  • Andreessen, Marc
  • Andress, Ursula
  • Andretti, Mario
  • Andretti, Michael
  • Andrews, Jessica (with Marcel Chagnon)
  • Andrews, Julie
  • Angarano, Michael
  • Angel, Vanessa
  • Angelou, Maya
  • Aniston, Jennifer
  • Aniston, John
  • Anka, Paul
  • Annable, Dave
  • Ann-Margret
  • Ansara, Michael
  • Ansari, Aziz
  • Anselmo, Tony
  • Anthony, Carmelo
  • Anthony, Marc
  • Anthony, Michael
  • Anthony, Ray
  • Antin, Robin
  • Anton, Susan
  • Antonio, Lou
  • Aoki, Devon
  • Apatow, Judd
  • Apple, Fiona
  • Appleby, Shiri
  • Applegate, Christina
  • Applegate, Eddie
  • Applegate, Fred
  • Aprea, John
  • Apted, Michael
  • Arad, Avi: 29 Beverly Park Terrace Beverly Hills, California 90210                                    Aerial
                    Chairman and C.E.O. of Marvel Studios; 4 bed, 10 bath, 17,986 sq ft
  • Arad, Avi: 30944 Broad Beach Rd. Malibu, California 90265     Aerial     Coastal Aerial
                    Chairman and C.E.O. of Marvel Studios; 2 bed, 4 bath, 2,847 sq ft
  • Aragonés, Sergio
  • Araya, Tom (Slayer)
  • Arbus, Allan
  • Archer, Anne
  • Archer, Beverly
  • Arden, Michael
  • Ardito, Doug
  • Arenas, Gilbert
  • Argenziano, Carmen
  • Ariza, Trevor
  • Arkin, Adam
  • Armenante, Jillian (with Alice Dodd)
  • Armisen, Fred
  • Armstrong, Bess
  • Armstrong, Billie Joe
  • Armstrong, Curtis
  • Armstrong, Lance (Tour De France Cheater Doping Scandal Fraud)
  • Armstrong, Neil
  • Armstrong, R.G.
  • Armstrong, Vaughn
  • Arnaz, Desi Jr.
  • Arnaz, Lucie
  • Arness, James
  • Arngrim, Alison
  • Arnold, Eddy
  • Arnold, Tom
  • Arnott, Jason
  • Aronsohn, Lee
  • Aronson, Judie
  • Arpel, Adrien
  • Arquette, David
  • Arquette, Patricia
  • Arquette, Rosanna
  • Artest, Ron
  • Arthur, Beatrice
  • Arvizu, Reginald "Fieldy" (Korn)
  • Ashanti
  • Ashby, Linden
  • Asher, Peter: 23446 Malibu Colony Rd. Malibu, California 90265     Aerial     Coastal Aerial
                    Guitarist, singer, manager and record producer; 5 bed, 4 bath, 5,888 sq ft
  • Ashford, Matthew
  • Ashford & Simpson
  • Ashley Madison (Life is short, have an affair) Company CEO Contact Information
  • Ashmore, Shawn
  • Ashwell, Rachel
  • Asner, Ed
  • Asomugha, Nnamdi (with Kerry Washington)
  • Astin, Sean
  • Atherton, William
  • Atkins, Chet
  • Atkins, Christopher
  • Atkins, Essence
  • Atkins, Jeffrey ("Ja Rule")
  • Atkins, Rodney
  • Attanasio, Paul
  • Attell, Dave
  • Auberjonois, Rene
  • Auerbach, Dan (The Black Keys)
  • August, John
  • Austin, Dallas
  • Austin, Steve ("Stone Cold")
  • Austin, Teri
  • Austin, Tracy
  • Autry, Jacqueline E. (widow of Gene Autry)
  • Avalon, Frankie
  • Avery, James
  • Avery, Margaret
  • Avery, Sean
  • Avicii (D.J.)
  • Aviva
  • Avnet, Jon
  • Aykroyd, Dan
  • Azarenka, Victoria
  • Azaria, Hank
  • Azinger, Paul
  • Azoff, Irving
  • Azria, Max

She's best known for being everyone's Friend, but Jennifer Aniston can't seem to escape the spotlight even when she's not playing a role. It's been five years since her divorce and the world is still obsessed with her every reaction to Brangelina - even though she's already moved on, and in some cases, replaced Brad with a younger model.

But her story really starts in 1969, when her early childhood shaped the person she'd become. Born in Los Angeles, her family also lived in New York and spent a year in Greece. She attended a Waldorf school - which focus on creative expression in a nontraditional curriculum - as well as an arts institution in Manhattan. This kind of free, non-restrictive lifestyle gave her the confidence to strike out and try her hand at professional acting. She says, "I was told to avoid the business all together because of the rejection. People would say to me, 'Don't you want to have a normal job and a normal family?' I guess that would be good advice for some people, but I wanted to act."


She took jobs in small theater productions whenever she could get them, living off part-time work like telemarketing and waitressing. When she was twenty, she moved back to LA, where she endured a string of flops (1992's Leprechaun) and failed TV shows (Camp Cucamonga was not a masterpiece). She'd almost decided to give up on the dream altogether when she took a chance and auditioned for a new sitcom about five quirky twenty-somethings and a coffee house... Friends. Jennifer actually auditioned for the role of Monica Geller, but producers thought she was a better fit for the star, Rachel Green. The show was an instant success and would go on to make Jennifer a household name. She was nominated for five Emmys and a dozen other awards, including Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series and Actress of the Year. According to Guinness, Friends catapulted Jennifer into becoming one of the highest paid female actors in history. By the series finale - ten years after their debut - she was pulling in a whopping $1 million per episode.


The show also gave her emotional connections for life, including the real Monica Geller, Courteney Cox. Jennifer and Courteney connected on set and simply never said goodbye, even after the show was over. Jennifer has guest starred on two of Courteney's shows (Dirt and Cougar Town) and was named godfather of Courteney's daughter with David Arquette. Jennifer's had less luck in the romance department, though not for lack of trying. She dated a string of Hollywood celebrities - with a string of Hollywood breakups - before finding apparent happiness with Brad Pitt, American's #1 hunk. Their romance blossomed to almost fairytale proportions - nice girl Jennifer with the handsome devil Brad. The couple married in 2000 and managed five years before Brad met Angelina Jolie on the set of their movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith.


That was the beginning of the end. Brad and Angelina were seen together almost constantly, and the paparazzi had the photos to prove it. Rumors of Brad's infidelity went viral. Jennifer started seeing a therapist. The media went into a frenzy over the scandal and started casting Jennifer as the jilted wife to Angelina's homewrecking temptress. Jennifer filed for divorce in 2005, and by January of 2006, Angelina was pregnant with Brad's child. Jennifer moved on, though the media resisted the change, preferring to cast her as the broken-hearted martyr. Her rebounds included both Vince Vaughn and a British male model. In 2008, she had a semi-lasting fling with musician John Mayer, who is eight years her junior. The cougar jokes were rampant. Some chose to see it as the reversed equivalent of a man getting a trophy wife for a midlife crisis - if Jennifer had a post-divorce crisis, wouldn't it stand to reason she'd go for someone younger, someone who could make her feel young again in return? When it comes to Jennifer Aniston, the media loves to throw around words like "jilted" and "duped" and chronicle her every reaction to Brangelina like she's still pining over what could have been. What the tabloids don't seem to realize is that this is a woman has no problem overcoming hardship, both personal and professional. She went from waiting tables to having a net worth of $110 million. Her husband cheated on her, and she simply replaced him with someone else eight years younger. And even when she does get depressed, she probably just cries into her piles of money and worldwide fame.

Yeah, it's tough being Jennifer Aniston.

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