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Welcome to the ONLY place where you will be able to see their houses behind the tall hedges, big gates and security systems. You will get unprecedented access to the sort of lifestyle your favorite celebrity can afford. You may find free sites that have some Hollywood celebrity homes or aerial views of movie star homes, but sites with aerial views won't have addresses, and sites with addresses are mostly outdated, or those listed have been dead for 20 years or more, or worse still, are not even true, either accidentally or blatantly. This site is very unique in that you will get current, up-to-date celebrity home contact information based on reliable sources as you will not find anywhere else, even in print. Plus you will be provided, in most cases, with tidbits such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, who they bought from (if noteworthy), and how much they paid. With this information you can make your own star map, or tour of celebrity homes when visiting the Los Angeles area. Better yet, you can go on a virtual tour without leaving your home. But the information here is not just limited to Los Angeles because rich and famous folks live all over. We even have many sports stars and athletes, and if you cannot find someone listed on here, REQUEST THEM!!

Tapping into Bing Maps' Bird's eye views and Google Maps satellite views, you will get an aerial of celebrity houses and neighborhoods, often in amazing detail. These aerial views allow you to rotate the image in four directions: north, south, east, and west. Some are former residences but most, however, are actual CURRENT residences. Often times, major stars or business moguls have more than one residence and what is known about multiple property ownership is included here. This information can and has been used to contact celebrities directly without going through agents, publicists, assistants, etc. Obviously you will have much better success by writing to the celebrity at their home as opposed to going through an agent contact address that receives thousands of letters, most of which are discarded without ever being seen by the celebrity. It is this contact information that is provided by various celebrity contact websites and this is not what you want. These are REAL celebrity homes and NOT their agent's information. Many of the other websites out there provide you with their agent's contact info. We provide you with their actual home address information and views of the home itself. But the intention with this website is primarily that of a virtual star map for entertainment purposes.