Ferguson, Craig: 6248 Winans Dr. Los Angeles, California 90068    
 Host of "The Late Late Show"; purchased on November 26, 1997 for $569,000; 3 bed, 3 bath, 2,385 sq ft


FREE Craig Ferguson Contact Information of Late Late Show: 6248 Winans Dr. Los Angeles, California 90068    


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In response the law firm's "DEMANDS for a written response by July 30, 2010", our offical response to Craig Ferguson's law firm he hired: is that we have broken no laws, and committed no torts. There is NO law preventing the publication of already public information and appreciate the fact that you understand that you have no legal grounds for a case or action in this matter. There is no defamation or libel and therefore AGAIN you and your client have NO case. Congratulations to Craig Ferguson and his wife on their pregnancy which he posted on Twitter. Have he and his wife decided on a baby name yet?


As a law firm, you went through law school and understand the RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH and the RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION so we just wanted to thank you for understanding that we fully intend to continue excercising the freedom of speech rights granted to us. Our website clearly states that the information provided including your client's (Craig Ferguson's home address) is not to be used for any illegal or unethical manner, and that this information is available everywhere on the Internet, not just here. But thank you for further confirming that our website provides the most comprehensive and accurate celebrity address information in Hollywood and on the web!!


Craig is married to Megan Wallace Cunningham who is his THIRD WIFE! Do you care to comment on why his first two marriages failed? Does anyone really watch The Late Late Show? I mean when we received your letter, we actually had to Google your client to find out who he was. I guess we almost should remove him from the database, because he's BARELY a celebrity.


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July 20, 2010

Via E-mail and U.S. Mail

Woodcliff Enterprises

5863 Leslie Street, Suite 810 North York, Ontario M2H 1J8

Re: Craig Ferguson (host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson)


This firm represents Craig Ferguson, the host of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. We understand that in connection with the Celebrity Addresses Aerial website (www.celebrityaddressaerial.com), you are aggregating, publishing over the internet, and selling personal identifying information pertaining to our client (the “Personal Information”), including his residential address.  Our client values his privacy and the privacy and safety of his family.  From time to time, overzealous fans have sought him out, including attempting to track him down at his home.  By your company’s reckless actions, you are facilitating such intrusions and potentially dangerous encounters. In view of the foregoing, we demand that you immediately cease and desist from any further use, publication, dissemination and/or sale of all Personal Information in respect of Mr. Ferguson.  If you fail to do so, you will be held fully responsible for any of the foreseeable and consequential harm that comes to Mr. Ferguson and/or his family as a result of your failure to rectify this matter in the face of this notice. We demand a written response no later than July 30, 2010, confirming that you have taken the requested action. This letter does not purport to be a full statement of the facts germane to this matter, and is written without waiver of or prejudice to any of our client’s rights or remedies, all of which are hereby expressly reserved.


GANG, TYRE, RAMER & BROWN, INC. Cynthia M. Snow signature Craig Ferguson law firm lawyer


Cynthia M. Snow



For more information about freedom of speech and a recent news article regarding the US Senate Passes Bill to Protect International Free Speech visit the links on these page to read why Cynthia M. Snow has no case.

I also received Cynthia Snow's follow-up message, "Please advise him that he must take this very seriously and by posting this information he may be putting Mr. Ferguson and his family in danger. Advise him to read the letter we sent, take down the information immediately, and confirm to us by July 30 that he has done so. This is not a complete statement of the relevant facts and all of Mr. Ferguson's rights and remedies are reserved."


In fact Craig Ferguson is so desperate to be famous, he even is seen sneaking into the background when other REAL celebrities are being interviewed about bashing homosexuals. That is your client, right? LOL. That July deadline sure passed fast. It has been almost a year since that letter was sent to Celebrity Address Aerial, I am guessing that your law firm realized that you were full of shit and making "EMPTY" threats.


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