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Twilight Cast - Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner

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Within the realm of the world you live in there is another, slightly smaller world which has taken hold and is not letting go anytime soon. This is the world of Twilight, a world where vampires and werewolves do, in fact, exist, where any woman, regardless of age, shape, or physical features, can dream that the physically perfect man (or boy) will fall in love with her, and where teenage boys have the physique and appeal of grown men; this is a world where fantasy is far more desirable than reality. Spearheading the rapid take-over of the Twilight world are three individuals. They are Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Taylor Lautner. These three relatively unknowns have been plucked up by Twilight and launched into super-stardom as Edward, Bella, and Jacob, a.k.a. the Twilight trio. The question that remains now is whether they will retain their status, as great actors such as Harrison Ford have done, or whether the persona of their Twilight character will overshadow all future roles, as Luke Skywalker did to Mark Hammil.

Robert Pattinson may face the greatest challenge in creating an identity for himself outside of the Twilight saga. The character he plays, Edward, is extremely powerful because people, particularly women, connect with him on a deeper emotional level than most fictional characters. He is the man women fantasize about; he's thoughtful, sensitive, and caring, but he offers just enough of the dangerous element to keep women intrigued. Pattinson has become the literal face of millions of people's fantasies, fantasies that are deeply rooted emotionally because they are the dreams life squashed, the dreams created in childlike innocence that as adults weren't fulfilled by reality. Every new character Robert Pattinson portrays, for the next few years at least, will be connected back to Edward. He'll be compared in the new performance to his performance of the brooding vampire. If the new character has a trait that is very unlike Edward, he'll have fans that become upset at his 'tainting' of their fictional idol.

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To break away from the persona of Edward, Robert Pattinson will have to add a few drastic changes to his filmography. Before Twilight found him Pattinson had only played minor characters or characters in small, independent films that didn't bring much recognition. Since taking on the role of Edward he has played three major characters in three films. Two of the films did not garner much publicity. The third did pretty well, but the character he played was a similar character to his portrayal of Edward; this character was brooding, somewhat tortured, and a bit unsure of himself. If Pattinson wants to become a major player in Hollywood he's going to have to take on roles that are more versatile, roles that show that he can embody any character type, whether it's action, drama, or comedy. The greatest names in Hollywood have proven that versatility is the key to a long-lasting acting career.

Kristen Stewart faces a similar challenge than that of Robert Pattinson, but at the same time her challenge is different. Like Pattinson, she will need to take on roles that move her away from the persona of Bella. However, Bella is not quite as all-consuming as Edward so the battle won't be as difficult. For Stewart, the real challenge will lie in her ability to become the new characters, rather than having the new characters become her.

Prior to starring in the movie, Twilight, Stewart played roles of very little significance, much like Robert Pattinson. She did get one big break, early on in her career, playing opposite Jodie Foster, as her daughter. For the most part, however, she has chosen roles that bring very little recognition. This isn't because of a lack of talent or options. Stewart doesn't have the desire to become a major Hollywood star. She chooses the roles she plays based on her own set of criteria. This criterion does not include whether the film will throw her into the major Hollywood scene. As a result of this, the characters Stewart has chosen to play are important to her, but have remained somewhat obscure to the rest of the world. Most of these have not had any defining characteristic, nothing to make them particularly memorable, with the exception of Bella.

Another factor that may affect whether she remains a big star is Stewart's acting style, which is very particular and which hasn't necessarily been challenged by these roles. The characters she plays all tend to blend together. To really make a mark on Hollywood, she may want to look at more challenging roles, roles that require her to take on a completely different persona. Her latest movie is a step in the right direction. She has chosen to portray Joan Jett, a young female rocker from the seventies. Joan was a gutsy, bold woman who made her mark in the music industry, and as a character is far different from the many roles Kristen has played.

Of the three members of the Twilight trio Taylor Lautner may have the greatest chance of sticking around in Hollywood. While the role of Jacob is very defining, at this point Lautner is more well-known for his thirty pounds of added muscle than anything else. However, as the Twilight movies continue that is very likely to change. Taylor started his career playing small roles in television and animation. His first big movie break was the lead role in a superhero action flick geared to children. That same year he also played the son of Steve Martin. Two career-boosting movies in one year put him on the right track to Hollywood. Twilight found him shortly after and gave him what he needed to potentially stay there.

The reason Lautner may be the Twilight star that sticks, is because he is already looking at roles that will continue to move his career forward. He seems to understand that the role of Jacob will make or break his career. The choice is up to him whether he wants to be immortalized forever as a ridiculously ripped teenage werewolf, or whether he will use Jacob as the springboard to send his career spiraling upward. The roles he has taken on since Twilight seem to show that he is going to use his Twilight fame to keep his career soaring. He has already played in a romantic comedy alongside major stars such as Jessica Alba, Julia Roberts, and Patrick Dempsey. That's never a bad thing to add to a resume. For the future, he has slated himself to play a character based off of a toy superhero. If done well that role could pull him away from the Twilight saga and firmly entrench him as an up-and-coming Hollywood star.

Ultimately, only time will determine whether these three retain their Hollywood status or whether they fade away like so many have before them. Regardless of what happens in the future, however, they are guaranteed to be remembered in Hollywood history as the three key players in one of the most popular stories of the decade. They have been immortalized as Edward, Bella, and Jacob, just as Mark Hammil was immortalized as Luke Skywalker and Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Whether they let these characters determine their future is dependent entirely upon the roles they choose and the people they choose to work with.  

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